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Why Your Business Should Outsource Payroll

September 14, 2018
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You already rely on your CPA in San Antonio to prepare tax returns for your business. But do you know they can be indispensable in handling your payroll too?

A top-quality CPA firm has the knowledge and systems already in place to give you optimum results on payroll services. This list covers the key advantages of using a CPA to prepare your payroll:

It’s convenient.

You can submit payroll information to your CPA firm electronically using a secure server. They will process and print paper checks or make direct deposits. The CPA will also take care of payroll taxes and reporting. Your employees will appreciate the convenience of being able to view their pay stub and W-2 forms online.

It saves time.

As a business owner, you know that time is money. Processing payroll takes many hours and must be done carefully. That time could be better spent building your business and finding new customers.

CPA firms such as Gonzales Group can accept your payroll information via fax, email or uploading to a secure website. They’ll handle payroll while you focus on what you do best.

It keeps you compliant with current government regulations.

Your CPA firm will be up to date on the latest laws and regulations for business taxes. Payroll information must be correctly reported to the proper agencies. Otherwise, you could find yourself in trouble.

Even worse, if the tax authorities find inconsistencies or omissions in your payroll tax records, you could be audited and/or fined. Your CPA is there to keep you compliant with current laws.

It provides you with professional insight.

Payroll experts know all the ins and outs of payroll processing. They can see the bigger picture and will be able to offer insight or advice when they see something that needs adjustment.

Hiring a CPA firm to process your payroll can give you peace of mind. It frees you to put more energy into making your business all that you want it to be.

For expert help with payroll for your business, call Gonzales Group CPA in San Antonio today at 210-366-9430.

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