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Accountant vs. CPA: What’s the Difference?

December 12, 2020
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When you search for a CPA firm in San Antonio TX, you may notice that not all accountants are CPA’s. You’ve probably wondered what the CPA designation really means.

At its core, a CPA is an accountant with additional education and licensing that make them uniquely qualified to help you with your business accounting needs.

Much like an attorney, a CPA must take advanced courses, pass a rigorous exam and become licensed in the state where they want to work. Their education includes specialized classes such as upper-level accounting and business.

After they graduate, the potential CPA spends a year working for a CPA. Then they must pass the CPA exam, which tests their knowledge and abilities in the areas of taxes, general accounting, business principles and more. If they pass the exam, they can receive their license and begin practicing.

However, their education doesn’t end there. To maintain their license, CPAs must continue their education on a regular basis to keep their knowledge up to date.

In addition to accounting and tax preparation, CPAs are qualified to perform financial audits for businesses and to act as fiduciaries, which means they have the legal ability and responsibility to act in the best interest of their clients.

Gonzales Group CPA has more than 30 years of experience serving small and medium-sized businesses in the San Antonio area. We handle a full range of services including tax preparation and planning, accounting, business advice, financial planning, legal services, payroll and more.

Our goal is to develop long-term working relationships with our clients. By getting to know them and their businesses, we can best help them to make good plans and decisions. We help our clients save time and be more productive by handling accounting, tax and payroll services for them. Our online portal allows businesses to upload information for more streamlined service.

If you’re just getting started in a new business, we can help you set it up in the best legal form, whether that’s a sole proprietorship, LLC or corporation. We can even help you hire employees.

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